Rise of the Dragon Cult

Keeping Sally going.

Greenest under attack pt 2 (10 PM - 11 PM)

With our adventure troop safely in the Greenest keep on the top of they hill, they are met by the Sergent of the guard Sgt. Escobert. They are given healing by clerics, and resupply from the keep’s armory.
After the adventurers have rested a few minuets Sgt. Escobert requests their help in a scouting and resource gathering patrol. He takes the adventurers up on the keep’s ramparts and points out the alchemist’s shop on the north plaza. The adventurers are asked to go out there and bring Alchemist Peter Jones, his family, and any useful potions he may have (healing potions being priority) back into the keep. A sally port is shown to the adventurers as a way to get out of, and back into the keep (as a new and larger group of cultists and kobolds now blockade the main gates).

Our adventurers make their way out of the sally port and down to the alchemist’s shop (with only a scuffle or two) to find the shop closed up tight. Nip makes quick work of the front door’s lock and the adventurers enter the building to find evidence of a hasty packing and escape to the north of the alchemist and his family. Most of the potions and the basement lab that weren’t taken with the family were smashed to leave as little as possible for looters. Our adventurers were able to find a wall safe that held a leather case of 10 healing potions, and a second leather potion case (under a fallen shelve) of assorted potions.

The return to the keep was relatively uneventful, and they thought they had reentered the sally port unseen. This turned out to not be the case as less than a quarter hour latter the keep’s guards were alerted to a break in by the raiders through the sally port. As the keep’s guard was busy containing and repulsing the raiders, our heroes were tasked with regaining and holding the sally port. The narrow hallways in the keep made the fight more challenging, but our heroes were successful in retaking the sally port’s ready room.

The sdally port’s outer door was rather smashed up but Sorrow got the idea that a few mend cantrips might make the door whole again. Sorrow had just began to cast her cantrips when a new wave of raiders came to reenforce the (now dead) raiders in the ready room. The quick action and valiant fighting skills of our heroes foiled the raider’s plans to take the keep through the sally door.

But it was beginning to look like our adventurers were in for a long night.



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