Rise of the Dragon Cult

The Begining of our saga

Greenest under attack pt1

Our heroes were crossing the grasslands of the Greenfields with a caravan. As the end of the day approached the wagon master noted that they could probably make the town of Greenest before sunset, if we picked up the pace. The though of a warm inn, a soft bed, some good ale, and maybe a bard’s song lifted everyone’s spirits.

As the caravan crested the last hill, everyone’s hopes for the evening were dashed. Smoke rose from the buildings of the town, but not from their chimneys, but because they were on fire. A large dark shape flew above the town breathing lightning down on it. People, looking like dots from far away, fled for their lives away from town.

Greenest was under attack by a dragon!


Quickly the heroes traveled to the town, getting to the outer edge just as the sun set in the west. As they approached the first buildings on the edge of town, they saw a group of kobolds dragging a small girl between two of them, and discussing how best to cook her for dinner.


Our hero’s advanced into combat with the group, and quickly dispatched the scum. The child was rescued and told her story of the town beng attacked by kobolds and dragon cultists, that her family had tried to make it ti the keep on the hill in the center of town, but that her parents had been killed, and she had been captured.

Our heroes decided to escort the little girl to the keep, and see if they could help with the defense.

As they traveled through the town they encountered other town folks in trouble and other groups of raiders rescuing the former, and bringing justice to the latter. Breaking up an assault on the gates of the keep (by attacking the flanks) to get inside.

The Sargent of the guard greeted them and pointed them towards healers, supplies, and the armory so that they could replenish their health and supplies. He also mentioned that the keep could use their help with a few missions, them being professional adventurers and all.



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